It is mainly used for scientific research, special materials of low temperature test and preservation; freezing of red blood cells, white blood cells, skin, bacteria, semen, biological products, ocean products and electronic components; special glue, special materials low temperature preservation and test. It is mainly used in blood stations, hospitals, health and epidemic prevention departments, research institutes, electronics industry, chemical medicine, biological engineering, laboratory, military industrial enterprises etc.

universal reaction and distillation unit
  • Adopt new generation single compressor cascade refrigeration technology.
  • Faster cooling speed, energy saving, high efficient, low noise.
  • With famous brand compressor, EBM fan.

Door Seal and interior door design
  • Adopt double removable door sealing strip, ensure easy replace of the sealing strip after aging.
  • Interior door design.
  • Reduce cooling capacity loss when doors open frequently.

Control system and data record
  • 7- inch color touch screen input and display.
  • Real-time temperature record.
  • UPS control system spare power (16AH).
  • Temperature curve record, export to USB (Excel format).

Safety System
  • With electronic lock, only be authorized can open the door.
  • Electronic lock with password, 6 group authorization, independent user name and password, each time open the door, the user name and time will be recorded.
  • Equipped with mechanical padlock hole.
  • Refrigeration system with high and low pressure protection and display
  • Ambient and condensation temperature display and protection
  • All kinds of fault alarm (over-temp. alarm, sensor alarm, high pressure alarm, compressor overheat alarm.
  • Boot time delay protection.
  • All parts are safety grounding.
  • Ensure simple and easy open of the door.
  • -30˚C to -86˚C
  • -40˚C to -70˚C
  • -50˚C to -85˚C
  • -50˚C to -106˚C
  • -70˚C to -115˚C
  • -90˚C to -130˚C
  • -90˚C to -135˚C
  • -120˚C to -150˚C

ptfe lined check valves