ptfe lined check valves

This series of process check valves was developed for use on fluids compatible with the corrosion resistant characteristics of virgin TFE. The body of the valve is made from a combination of ductile iron and steel. The body parts do not come into contact with the process flow. End connections are made with a TFE reducing flange. This new series offers high physical strength in combination with the high corrosion resistance of virgin TFE.

The New Chem Flow TFF lined relief valves were developed for use on systems requiring the corrosion resistance compatibility offered by TFF. The operating principle is the same as used in our regular line of corrosion resistant relief valves made of borosilicate glass. A simple flange connection is provided for safe venting and after every operation, the valve resets itself without the labor or material cost of a rupture disk replacement. The Chem Flow patented seal assures a perfect seal against liquids and gases.

  • All PTFE wetted parts
  • Resets automatically after opening
  • All steel-reinforced PTFE components
  • 40 years of tested service.

Additional information/drawings are available in the PDF brochure.

ptfe lined check valves