sanitary mixers and agitators

Chem Flowtronics CFL Laboratory Mixers offer a compact, scaled down light-weight process mixer, for heavy duty applications with a variety of materials. All wetted components can be 316L SS or PTFE, with easily removable propeller assemblies. They are available in several blade configurations and designs. CFL mixers can be used in pressure applications and full vacuum, with our standard single dry running mechanical seal, capable of speeds to 1200 RPM's.

  • Easy Mounting to Glass Vessels
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Mechanical Seals Single/Double
  • Electric or Air Drives
  • Variable Speed
  • Built-in Isolation Barrier
  • High Speed Capable
  • Supports Independent of Vessels
  • Variety of H.P.

sanitary mixers sanitary mixers and agitators sanitary mixers